Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Misty Morning

I have this passion to share White Hawk with you--what it looks like, what it feels like.  Yesterday morning while the boys were still asleep, Sue and I did a little exploring.  She got her first White Hawk scratches tumbling out of the sled onto some prickers, but she's healing nicely.  I captured our reflection in the front door before we headed out.

I dub this the deer apple tree.

In the fall, I saw red apples beckoning in the distance and approached.  No dice. All the apples were out of reach, and the deer obviously visited on a daily basis to keep everything with their reach apple-free.  It's a really neat, sheltered spot under there when there is greenery.  Okay, you can have the apples, deer.  At this moment, going to a grocery store seems like such an odd and elaborate thing to do.

We have planted four apple trees here so far--two by the playground (thanks, Steve) and two in our own yard (thanks, Joe).

You rock, rock.

Re-enactment of I Heart Huckabees, anyone?  This guy makes you sit up and take notice.  If you don't stop for at least seven seconds and appreciate her utter rockiness, you're a dolt.  No, you're probably not.  But I like this boulder!  Joe found it walking the land not long ago, and Sue and I rediscovered it.

This is teasel, I think.  I like to put my winter photos of plants and flowers up against the summer ones.  The winter ones are equally beautiful to me--more starkness and space.

Queen Anne's Lace


The summer ones are so lush!  But winter walking is so easy here.  No more impenetrable thickets.  Yes, big metaphor there.

Coming home, everything is so misty.  Our three homes so far--5, 6 & 7.
5 = Laura, Steve, Sylvanna & Arvelle
6 = Greg and sometimes Marty & Sophia
7 = Joe, Julie, Dmitri  & Susanna
The playground is across the street.

I expect to see a rider on a noble steed or some such emerging out of the mists.

Here's the other side of the circle.  See the road curving around?

Then we find a neat stripey rock.  I love the green grasses and clover clinging to the earth in the middle of winter.

Hey, I think I just created my first photo essay.  Isn't that what this is?  Painless.  Lest you should get the wrong idea about me and my waxing rhapsodic over nature, I spend most of my time in my hidey hole house and like it there.

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