Monday, August 16, 2010

New Construction

We've been working on a new building at White Hawk! It's a bus shelter-farmstand-internet shed. This multi-use building sits at the entrance to our land, right at the corner of White Hawk Lane and 96B. Our site plan calls for a bus shelter in that location, and some members creatively designed some extra features, like a fold-down shelf and operable windows, allowing it to be used as a small farm stand, too. Internet shed? Since laying cable for internet would be costly at this point, we've designed a method for getting high-speed internet delivered to our farm stand (as a business connection). Then, using some clever wireless technology, we can send the signal to the houses, and enjoy! The plan requires a pole and some electricity near the parking lot, so we also added our first streetlight to the overall design. The building is about half done now, and should be finished in a couple more weeks.

As for the camouflage... well, we're waiting and seeing. We were able to get the wood at a great price.


  1. Hey guys:

    When is your next meeting (there's no August meeting listed on the website). We're in town now and wanted to start coming to meetings...

  2. Great to hear from you! The next meeting is Sunday, August 22 at White Hawk, 1-4pm.