Monday, October 11, 2010

Live at White Hawk Without Waiting for Construction

The home construction process is fun, but we've encountered plenty of folks who want to live here (or somewhere like it) but are just not that into designing and building a home.  For the first time, White Hawk has a completed home available.

It's ours!  We're a family of four and and have lived here
Home on the left--viewed from the South
quite happily since August 2009.  However, our income source remains a one-hour drive away despite our two-year endeavor to switch it to the Ithaca area.  Okay, so back to our original home we go.  We're not really all that into commuting.

Our shift elsewhere opens up an opportunity for someone new to join and live at White Hawk without all the wait and details of the design and construction process.

Here are some photos from just before we moved in back in August 2009.

Home viewed from the road (north side).  The side part of the porch is a now
enclosed and offers great storage space as well as energy savings.

Living room viewed from the side door.  


Laundry/utility room with tankless water heater.
This water heater heats both home and water.  Very efficient!

Just off the utility room, a toilet room with a handwashing faucet atop the tank.
The clean water comes through the faucet and then into the tank, used a second time to flush the toilet.


8 x 10 room off the living room.  We currently use it as an office and
family closet, but it could be converted to an extra bedroom. 

Up to the second floor...

Wide plank flooring in an open and airy space.
We use this space as a playroom with a sleeping area on the other side of the stairway.
The upstairs space is currently open but could be converted into separate rooms.
For more information about our home, visit White Hawk's website.

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