Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 Kids + 1 Kid = Effortless

My friend is pregnant with her third child.  Sometimes I wonder if she has completely lost her mind.  How will she do all the work of having three kids and not go postal someday?  Last night, though, I started to think she's onto something.

Dmitri and Sylvanna have been traveling to each other's houses to play.  Both households have noticed that a third child seems to make everything easier.  They're so absorbed in each other that we get to be absorbed in something else for a change.  How refreshing!  I love my children, and I love it when they're not asking me for something.

I just realized an error in my mathematics.  I did not count in my own dear Sue, making the child total four.  As she is nearly always fused to my hip, I forget that we're different people.
At the Woinoski's house, though, it's irresistible. She has to get down and explore. She wants to participate!

Last night Steve called me to report that Dmitri had fallen asleep.  All I had to do was trot over there, pick up my adorable guy, and carry him home to our bed.  Life without carseats is grand!

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