Monday, March 1, 2010


I think many of us coming to community are looking for connections, so it's especially delicious when new connections pop up for me.

Amanda Jaros contacted me about a wonderful new website called Parents for a Peaceful Planet. I used to think I'd choke on a group like this because I was so darned tired of trying, but she creates such a wonderful vibe on her site that I joined right up.

And more connections!

Our sweet home was built by Amanda's partner, Rob, of Creative Constructions. The best way to sum up the experience with Rob is that he builds a house with love. He knows what he's doing and really cares. Feels like the whole house is infused with the good feeling with which it was built. Rob, quite literally, is a Champion. (That's his last name.)

Laura and Steve adopted a chicken from Rob, the very sweet Spooky.

Unfortunately, I only have a picture of her butt. All the way to the left! That Buster (the rooster) is always front and center. It's appropriate that she has her head down to eat because Joe(this guy)
has made a special favorite of her and loves to give her snacks.

So there you go. How many degrees of connection is that? It's starting to feel cozier at White Hawk. :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the linkage! See you all there:)