Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big News at Number Eight

Lot 8 is reserved for Alicia, Xiaolong, Skye, Tara, & Rain.

We were very excited to look out the window and see George Van Valen, Rod Lambert, and Rob Champion conferring about Alicia and Xiaolong's house.  

George and his crew have done all the excavation here.  Rob, Kerrie, and Rod of Creative Constructions are building 8 White Hawk Lane.  Rod Lambert has designed or assisted with the design of all the homes here at White Hawk, and he is available for new projects.

Can we call this the first playdate at Alicia's?
Sue is dancing in the living room, I think.

With the arrival of machinery in the parking lot, we know digging will start soon!

Joe and Greg measure to make sure our lot lines are accurate before the digging starts.

Stay tuned for more construction photos!


  1. how great to see everyone there! (love that sign.) Sue dancing in our living room: it doesn't get better than that :) Wish we could join her!

  2. I'm excited to meet your new neighbors!!

  3. The plumber Mike Zansitis and I will be there tomorrow to lay in the in the slab drains and supply lines. See you all there!