Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!

It is official! Sound the trumpets! Spring has arrived at White Hawk!
Ask me how I know this to be true! Well, it's because I have come out of hibernation. The shorts are on and the sun is shining!

One sure sign that spring has arrived at White Hawk is the arrival of the Killdeer! These spunky birds love our drainage ditches and raise their families there. It is really such fun because part of their nature is to "lead" any predators away from their nests by running in front of them, then veering off to the side and faking a broken wing! So, every person, bike, or car coming up White Hawk Lane is greeted by this ritual. It's quite special :)

Another tell-tale sign that spring has arrived is all the humans gathered in the playground! It was such a beautiful day for swinging, sliding, climbing, and smiling!

Julie, Dmitri, Sue, Steve, Arvelle, & Sylvanna - Just ASwingin'

Julie & Sue pushing Dmitri

Steve helping Sylvanna climb

Sylvanna sliding and Arvelle watching

Our resident scarecrow, who is hilarious. Yesterday he was dancing and today he
looks like he's watering the weeds!


  1. Yay, more blog posters! Love it. :)

  2. Yay! Spring!! In six more weeks, I'll be able to drive to visit WhiteHawk. And sooner than that maybe I'll "bikeit!" Great pictures, great kids, great swingin'!

    Hello to everyone from Liza