Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Digging and Construction Progress

Everyone is digging, it seems.  Joe is getting ready for our asparagus to arrive.

Greg is digging holes for the black locust posts that will support his grape arbor.

And now, an exciting installation in our saga, The Birth of a Slab!  Plumbing roughed in, ready for insulation...

Insulation installed

The grid for the pex tubing
(Pex tubing is what the water will flow through in this radiant heat system.)

Kerrie and Rob install the pex tubing.  Kerrie does beautiful tile work, by the way.  To see more of Kerrie and Rob's work, see visit the Creative Constructions blog.

Time for concrete by Everhart & King Brothers.

Et voilà!  We have a slab.

Joe and I love the thermal mass of our slab next door.  It's cool in the summer, holds the heat in the winter, and keeps our utility bills low.  There's a lot to be said for living on top of a rock!


  1. First of all- YEAH for asparagus!! Second of all- great slab photos! I think Rob should link from his blog or website, and you should have a link to his! Doncha just love the internet:)