Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catching Up

My photo album tells me there's lots to share, so here goes.

The moon at 6:42am on April Fools Day.

Biking on White Hawk Lane.

Greg and Marty's hoop house is full of greens.

Sue and I like to toss rocks into the seasonal streamlet that runs into the pond.

First crocuses at number 7!

The porch at number 7 is currently littered with toys, but we'll be clearing it out to make a stage for John Simon to play at our May 2 tour.

On Easter Sunday, White Hawkers and friends attempted archery for the first time.

Busy day on Monday!  The first shovelful of dirt got scooped up at 8 White Hawk Lane.

Then I had lunch downtown with Susan Cosentini of New Earth Living.  She's a creator of the Aurora Dwelling Circle currently under construction in Ithaca.  We consider our living options to be quite complementary, since the Aurora Dwelling Circle offers an urban, walkable, predesigned option, while we offer a rural, land-rich, open design option.  We look forward to working collaboratively to share the experience of community living.

By the time I got home, George Van Valen's crew had made a lot of progress!

Then students from the Cornell University Sustainable Design project came for a tour.  

Formerly the Cornell University Solar Decathlon Team, the group is now considering three kinds of projects:  international humanitarian, a local home or community center, or a prototype high-tech home.  

On Friday, the forms went up around the future foundation of number 8.

I'm pleased to announce that the daffodils are starting to pop!

Joe has been working on clearing and marking a trail around the village.  Much of the tromping down has already been accomplished by the deer.

Along the way, you can see springtime ramps

and White Hawk's tiny waterfall.

Today, plumbers Deb and Mike installed the sewer and water pipes that will be in the slab at number 8.

And this just in from Saratoga Springs:  Jules and Steven are busy prepping their home for showings.  Jules' new passion is vacuuming walls!  All fingers crossed for a quick sale.  After more packing, Jules, Steven, Emma, Devin, and Liam will become very familiar faces at White Hawk.

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